Articles and essays

"The Shit-Kickers of Madison Avenue" by Lillian Ross (from the New Yorker, 20./27 February 1995)

The Linguistic Society of America was founded in 1924 to advance the scientific study of language.

Learning English: Choosing an English Language School

Language is tearing apart countries around the world, and the proponents of "Official English" may be ready to add America to the list.

"Speaking in Tounges": An article from Time Magazine, JULY 7, 1997 VOL. 150 NO. 1

Lingo Jingo: An article by Jeffery Nunberg

According to reliable estimates, half of the world's six thousand languages will become extinct in the next century. Two thousand of the remaining three thousand languages will be threatened during the century after that. In the UK these startling facts

The L-word. A kind of weightless backpack word that's more and more giving us humpbacked spoken English, the lite like has been airily clogging American sentences for years now. The war against the usage - well, it wasn't much of a war, alas - has been l

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